Cune van Groeningen


Eternal Source

In my work I ask questions about the natural and the artificial, about the intervening of man in nature.

In my idea, this installation, the triptych ‘Eternal Source’
represents well what my work is about.

With this work I have been imagining the creation and annihilation of life.

Madonna del Parto by Piero della Franscesca (approx. 1455) represents in this triptych the earth in the form of a fertile mother. For centuries man has been one with mother earth and honoured and respected her.

Nowadays, modern man believes more in science, technology and rationalisation.

There is no place any longer for nature as an entity, bigger than ourselves. Man manipulates matter and life. Whenever a new technical possibility announces itself, this is adopted.

Between dead en living matter, between technology and nature, the border fades.

We transcend the individual and construct a dispersed planetary brain, by which we not only connect our brains, but also artificial sources of intelligence.

In its wake man’s soul is being forgotten.

The gap that has risen between ratio and soul can only be bridged in one way, and that is via imagination.

A means for man to reach awareness is through imagination. – Bildung –

Art and imagination.

From imagination spring myths.

Myths are about the unknown for which we, initially, we have no words.

Myths investigate the core of a deep silence.

Cune van Groeningen

Amsterdam, May 19th 2017

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